Camper leaderboard API question/problem?

So I started building app and noticed that both recent and alltime api return exact same data… is it some mistake? Also I saw in example project that if you click on username you are directed to said users profile but I see no such links provided in those two api… Am I missing something?

Edit… just realised how to redirect to user profiles, bisacly I just need to add /username to domain address…

I am not sure what you are talking about. When I go to the separate links, they are definitely different data sets.

For example, the first object listed in the alltime link is:

  "username": "sjames1958gm",
  "img": "",
  "alltime": 8337,
  "recent": 151,
  "lastUpdate": "2017-11-06T18:34:48.419Z"

and the first object listed in the recent link is:

  "username": "DarrenfJ",
  "img": "",
  "alltime": 1897,
  "recent": 160,
  "lastUpdate": "2017-11-06T18:35:03.439Z"

Now if you find the same person listed in both links, their data will be the same, but the lists are different.

oh I get it order is different I thought I will be getting some different data since sorting data is pretty simple with one api as well. thanks for clearing it up.

Keep in mind these lists are not the same data sorted differently. For example, in the recent list I viewed just now the last object in the list shows:

  "username": "ashrafhadden",
  "img": "",
  "alltime": 18,
  "recent": 18,
  "lastUpdate": "2017-11-06T18:36:33.541Z"

This same user is not in the alltime list.