Campers Meetup in Paris (France) next Thursday

If some of you were interested in attending our Campers Meetup in Paris (France) next Thursday, it all happens here in the Meetup group.
We’re also on Twitter here.
Feel free to share and help people find us :woman_technologist::man_technologist::tada:

Sadly i’m not in Paris right know. But i think it’s a great idea, i was looking for that kind of organisation in France that recently

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Thanks! Feel free to share if you know people who could be interested + maybe an other time :wink:

Was the meetup great ? I was wondering “Are you going to plan another one ? soon ?”

Cheer Helion

Hi, yes, excellent meetup. Next one will be Saturday April 13th. All details here! Let me know if you can make it this time :tada: