Campus Placements- Cracking a Full Stack developer job final year in college

Which is more impactful for getting me a full stack developer job through campus placements in college…
This freeCodeCamp’s “Full Stack Developer” certificate or
A full stack project ??
I am asking this as I don’t have time to do them both

Placements, one hundred percent. Actual job experience vs. online courses and/or just making toy projects on your own, there isn’t really competition there.

Edit: note “full stack developer” is kinda chimeric. Getting very good at multiple different skills (which is what that implies) takes a long time, just having a bit of knowledge of different parts of the stack != a full stack developer by most measures

But my question is which can be more helpful in getting that job
The freeCodeCamp’s Full Stack Developer Certificate or a good project??

A project, of course. But to get an FCC certificate you’d have to build a bunch of projects.

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Ah sorry, I misread. Projects via FCC. From what you’ve said you’re already on a course related to software? But then you may need some knowledge to make some project, so the FCC course would help (you, more than anything else), and then as @ArtemPetrov says it gives you a load of projects to make. If it’s a placement noone is going to expect any kind of deep knowledge, so anything is a bonus.

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I personally would say both are basically the same, it could be said soft-skills are more important for getting a job thru campus placements.

Skills like people skills, ability to work under pressure, attitude, effort, and ability to learn are probably more valuable than hard skills. Obviously hard skills are great to have, being able to say “I have experience doing full stack development” is great, but at the same time you probably wont get hired/kept if your hard to work with, or have a bad attitude.

I guess my answer is a cop-out, in that it doesn’t answer the question, but I just wanted to point out that being more well rounded is usually better than only hard-skills.

Goodluck, work hard, and you should be fine :smiley:

PS. I’m not to familiar with the term “campus placements” they sound like its kind of like an internship? I would also recommend branching out and learning what you like too, there are tons of choice of what to learn, and being a jack of all trades is usually better than specializing early on when your just starting out. Specializing is something you can always do later, once you get a job :slight_smile:

Campus Placements means you get to attend job interviews in the final year of your college graduation,that is you get a job before you graduate and you can join that job as soon as you complete your final year

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If I do a good project on web development from a place like UDEMY,will that be more helpful or working for Full Stack Developer Certificate in that time would be more helpful for getting that job in campus placements??