Can a badge be taken away by a moderator?

Hello. I was wondering if I earned a badge could it be taken away by a moderator/admin?
If so, in what situations could this happen in?
Thanks! @camperbot

No. The badges happen automatically and the moderators have no involvement in them. It’s just a dumb (my opinion) thing that the forum software does.

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I really hate the badges.

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Why so? Don’t they show a level of trust in a user?

They are completely unrelated to trust levels. The forum has trust levels based on your history of involvement that is in no way tied to badges. The only people who look at badges are the people they belong to. We don’t even look at them when we’re responding to a reported violation of the Code of Conduct (we look at the user’s actual activity instead). As a moderator I try to give as much time as I can to helping this community stay supportive and useful and as a mentor I try to answer as many questions as I can about actually learning to code, but there are over a hundred new topics created a day and at least a handful of user flags and direct messages so it’s already impossible to help everyone and I really hate having some of that time spent explaining over and over that no human beings do or can change a user’s Fake Internet Points, that we don’t have any more information about how they’re awarded than you do and while you are welcome to create a guide to how to earn them, we aren’t going to. I get that “gamification” is a popular way to stimulate involvement, but I don’t think they serve any useful purpose here. They just generate more noise either by people discussing the badges themselves or creating unhelpful topics, replies, links, etc to try to earn them.

Than why not consider removing them from the forum?

As a moderator I cannot award, edit, delete, or disable badges for either individual users or the forum in general.

But what I mean is you could advise the admins to get rid of them.

I can. I do. If/until they agree and have the time to update the forum, I just continue to hate them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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