Can a newbie land a job as a Front End developer during for 100 days if he commits every day on FCC?

I am spending my whole day on FCC for 100 days of code, will I be able to get a job after I get the certificate. Does anyone did it?

I am extremely dubious about anyone being able to gain the knowledge and experience required to be a professional developer in just 100 days.


I just got my first job after 5 month, about 5+ hours a day after work. If I had to do it all again then maby 3 months wuld be enugh but without the extra two months of going over things again to remeber then I dont think Iwuld have landed the job, Im also feeling burt out now so I wuld not even recomend doing it for 5h a day now.

If you like programing just take your time.

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