Can any one please explain this algo last part[Solved]


I am trying to work some algo before i proceed any further to my final 4 projects, i came across an algo to generate decimal to any base , now i understand all the parts but the one here -

digits = '0123456789ABCDEF';

and this one -

baseString += digits[remStack.pop()];

I get results like - 187F9 for some thing like -

console.log(baseConverter(100345, 16));

Can you please explain this as to how the code is picking alphabets here … below is full code -Thanks

function baseConverter(decNumber, base){
var remStack = new Stack(),
baseString = '',
digits = '0123456789ABCDEF'; //{6}
while (decNumber > 0){
rem = Math.floor(decNumber % base);
decNumber = Math.floor(decNumber / base);
while (!remStack.isEmpty()){
baseString += digits[remStack.pop()]; //{7}
return baseString;

console.log(baseConverter(100345, 16));

Maybe this helps:

@BenGitter - Thanks,I am able to understand the mod picking up values like 8,15,7 etc here but what is happening at this line - baseString += digits[remStack.pop()]; ?

So say for mod giving back a value of 15 what is happening here is the 15th index getting picked up here which corresponds to “F” …kindly guide

var remStack = [1, 14, 12];
var baseString = '' ;
var digits =  '0123456789ABCDEF';

baseString += digits[remStack.pop()]; 
console.log(baseString);        // "C"
  1. remStack.pop() returns the last element in remStack which is 12.
  2. digits[12] is "C"
  3. This is added (+=) to baseString
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Oh i get it now, thank you so much …