Can anybody help me with this -CaseSensitivity of varialbe in Js

// Declarations
var StUdLyCapVaR;
var properCamelCase;
var TitleCaseOver;

// Assignments
PRoperCAmelCAse = “A String”;
tITLEcASEoVER = 9000;

It means variables are case sensitive in Javascript, var name; is different from var Name;. They are two separate variables. So, let’s say that you’ve declared a variable price, now if you want to assign it a value, you’ll use the exact same name, price, not something like pRice or Price.

Please describe your question. For now, not sure what kind of help do you need.

In general, Javascript variables are case-sensitive, so if we have -

var ab;
var AB;
var Ab;
var aB;

  • there are 4 different variables and we can store 4 values, not only one

Look at the tests for what the challenge expects. Basically, everything should be changed to camelCase (e.g. var ILOVECAKEvar iLoveCake).

As a broader point, declaring something with var SoMeVaR and then assigning something as someVar = 1 will create two variables, not one, and at least one (the one “accidentally” declared without the var keyword) will exist in the global scope. This is known as “polluting” the global scope and is generally Considered Harmful.