Can anybody recommended best courses online to learn web development and be job ready?

I wanted a direct approach to learn web development and get a job…so,I posted this topic for tips and feedback from this forum members who are already experienced in the topic.

Freecodecamp :hearts:

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I love freecodecamp…but anything else to go side by side or just a direct path?

There is a new curriculum which I have not been through yet. From the old curriculum, I feel there is enough to get anyone job ready.
Personally, I have a paid subscription to Pluralsight.

how much time it may take for me to complete a certificate…given I put 40 hours a week in fcc,any idea?

FCC is, obviously, a fantastic resource. And I do agree, there’s enough material here to get you job ready, or at least in a position to know what you need to be working on.

Like @JohnnyBizzel, I also have a PluralSight subscription, and it’s a great resource.

I also absolutely love O’Reilly. They’ve pivoted from book publishing to being an online hub of printed books, video courses, and more. You can find books published by virtually every publisher in the tech space on O’Reilly. And modern, freshly released books, too. Definitely work checking out, in my opinion.