Can anyone at FCC do a manual reset of my Chunky Monkey code?

i think i caused an accidental infinite loop that FCC was unable to catch when i entered the “%” on line 6. I have 58 Mbps internet and i cannot for the life of me get in that page quick enough to delete the “%” lol. Until someone can clear the code, which I’ve also tried myself, I wont be able to complete that challenge. Im not worried about losing progress, ive already taken a pic or can figure out what i had. Thanks in advance for any pointers to get this resolved and/or a reset.

Have you figured this out yet? It’s a common problem - you’re not the first!

Check this out: Disable Code Auto Run on Free Code Camp

Happy coding!

No unfortunately lol i just went on to the next challenge. I also tried going into the google dev tool settings under ‘debugger’ and disabling Javascript …it appears that when you do this, nothing works on the page, not even the reset code button.

Correction, my apologies, I overlooked the link you sent…that worked! I just inserted “?run=disabled” at the end of my URL and it let me correct the issue. Life saver man, thank you for a quick response :slight_smile:

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