Can anyone explain navbar and grid to me?

Hello everyone in the house.

Can anyone explain or recommend any learning materials for CSS Grid and how to use the Navy bar to link to certain section of the page?

I was on my third project which is just a product landing page. I was trying to use grid as well as the navbar to develop/design an organized landing page but all to no avail.

See my project:

Your contribution will enable me to learn quickly and proceed to the next stage. I spent enough time here.

Thanks to the community.

By nav bar do you mean how to make an <a> link to something on the page? Because a nav bar is just an arbitrary set of HTML elements styled in a certain way

So you have three anchor links in your HTML, like:

<a href="#home">Home</a>

Using the hash means the anchor is pointing at something with the ID of home, so if you click the link, the page should scroll to the element with that ID. So if you had

<div id="home">
  <!-- some stuff here -->

Clicking the link would cause the page to scroll to where that element was.

CSS grid is a different subject. I’d probably look at something like CSS Grid Garden, which teaches you how to use it. And also put together your sections of HTML (pricing and subscription I can see are two of them), and decide how you want them laid out – once you get a bit more comfortable with grid, you can apply what you know to actually get those sections laid out the way you want

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Grid course by Wes Bos, read the Grid docs on MDN and check out the CSS Tricks article.

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I’m seeing this lately, thank you very much. Now I understand those questions after thorough research.

Once again, thanks

I’m seeing this lately, I will check it out.