Can anyone guess why?

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var myDog = {
// Only change code below this line
var myDog = {
“name”: “Jupiter”,
“legs”: 3,
“tails”: 1,
“friends”: [“Balamory”]
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Build JavaScript Objects

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doesnt seem to work when i run it, can anyone guess why

You have the myDog object twice, remove the outer myDog object.

Also, just to be sure, make sure you are using single ''or double quotes "" (might just be some formatting issue with your copy-paste).

``still doesnt work even when removing myDog outer object

im using double quotes``

The task requires to use double qoutes

The problem as lasjorg says is that you have extra code. You have var myDog = { twice and }; twice. You only want one of each.

The thing with the quotes is that you need a “dumb” double quote (") not a “smart” or “curly” double quote, ( or ). Can you see the subtle difference? As lasjorg points out, sometimes when you cut and paste something with dumb quotes they get turned into smart quotes, especially if it’s into a non-coding editor or word processor. But JavaScript only understands the “straight” or “dumb” quotes. What you have above are smart quotes - he was just warning you to be careful about those. But as he points out it may be a non-issue as long as there are dumb quotes in the challenge.

When I make those changes, your code passes for me.