Can anyone help explain why my function is not working?

The section below is HTML

<title>Movie Design</title>

Line 15 <body onload="expandingWindow()">
Javascript Section
Line 38  function expandingWindow() {
  var heightspeed = 10;
  var widthspeed = 10;
  var leftdist = 0;
  var topdist = 0;
  var winwidth = window.screen.availWidth - leftdist;
  var winheight = window.screen.availHeight - topdist;
  for (sizeheight = 1; sizeheight < winheight; sizeheight += heightspeed) {
    self.resizeTo("1", sizeheight);
  for (sizewidth = 1; sizewidth < winwidth; sizewidth += widthspeed) {
    self.resizeTo(sizewidth, sizeheight);

Can anyone tell me why the “function expandingWindow()” is not working?
Please check the codes in the Codepen

What’s self? There isn’t a variable called self anywhere in your code.

There may be other issues, but on phone so can’t really check much more than that atm

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I want to add on from the previous posters message. You may be referring to the this keyword, instead of self.

Funny to still discover new things, I never knew there was a global property self on the window object. But anyway, I think you can achieve the effect you’re looking for very easily with CSS with an animation:

body {
  animation:grow 3s forwards;

@keyframes grow {
  to {

Thank you for the replies from all of you.

I don’t think there is a difference between window and self in this case (didn’t really check). Usually, when people use self they have assigned it the this value from a different scope.

Also, you are not calling the function anywhere. I would assume it is meant to be used as a resize handler or something?

window.addEventListener('resize', expandingWindow)

Edit: Oh it’s called onLoad

On MDN it has this note for resizeTo

Note: It’s not possible to resize a window or tab that wasn’t created by It’s also not possible to resize when the window has multiple tabs.

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