Can anyone help me about weather app

i am working on weather app

i get the lat and long data correctly from
but when i want to use this data in weatherapi the values are changing.

How are the values changing? Nothing looks wrong to me.

thanks portablestick
the latitude and longitude values are different than where i live. actually first i take and put them into html they are correct, but when i put them into" + latitude + " &lon=" + longitude + “&units=metric&appid=d6d7b8a9bbb1a95f06dc5e708350285d” they give different results.

Your code is fine, but you have one blank space in your query that is breaking it all. Just before &lon

Mizu thank you very much, it solved my problem. I’ve tried so many things that you cannot imagine :slight_smile:

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Hey, @saracaliemre,

Thanks for posting this question. Didn’t know about and you have solved my problem.