Can anyone help me test my Calculator Project?

I tried mimicking the Windows Calculator for the Project. Really appreciate If you can test it. and post the error results. Don’t mind the design yet!

% and 1/x are still not yet done

After a calculation has been done (e.g. 4 x 3 =, answer shown is 12), I would suggest to reset when the user types in a digit (as opposed to an operator, when you want to use the answer for another calculation). As a user, if I type 5, I expect to start a new calculation, not to append to the current answer (currently it displays 125).

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Please use a bigger font for your buttons. Even with glasses on, I have trouble distinguishing between ÷ and +. and there’s no need for them to be so small.

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Hi @sfiquet, Thanks for the review! Will try to incorporate css later, as I said I was trying to mimic the behavior of the windows calculator. I like the fact that you can press multiple = to repeat the function. ex. 5 x 5 = 25, if I pressed equals again I would get 125.

Thanks again!