Can anyone help me with my first real Resume?

Hey guys, so I finished writing my first “real” resume. I’ve been working on it for the past few days, trying to bang out something respectable. I’m happy with the overall result, but I feel like there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in the sentence structure and grammar portion. My sentences tend to be wordy and long, and I wonder if anyone knows how to convey what I’m trying to say in a more succinct and clear manner. I also probably have a good amount of grammatical mistakes. If anyone could give any sort of advice, that would be extremely helpful :slight_smile:

Here is an image of the full actual resume (remove the space since I can’t include link’s):

imgur. com/5kfruhQ.jpg

And here are all my bullet points in plain text, for easier reading and editing.

Oversaw eCommerce division of multinational apparel conglomerate. Supported the VP of Business Applications by creating and managing SQL queries and SSRS reports that allowed for visibility of daily operations metrics, sales progress, and inventory levels.

Created tools and workflows built on SQL that rapidly resolved shipping, inventory, and order errors for all eCommerce traffic by accessing, joining, manipulating, and updating various database tables. Improved company order tracking system by using a custom created SQL tool that saved over 10 work-hours a week.

Created personalized reports and tools in SSRS by using stored procedures, subqueries, and other SQL functions. Fixed errors and slow-downs on legacy reports, and dealt with issues like parameter sniffing and linked servers.

Developed and designed stylized Business Intelligence SSRS reports that outlined the economics of all eCommerce business. Integrating across multiple existing data infrastructures, calculated average shipping costs, gross profit percentages, return rates, profit-per-product, company totals, etc.

Met with Executive Team weekly where I explained my reports and provided regular updates that detailed the supply chain state, which allowed them to make data driven decisions to improve economic efficiencies. Informed Executive Manager about potential future supply chain issues.

Managed all Shopify operations for Sprayground, 2xist, Danskin, and others. Uploaded styles, created Shopify flows, developed scripts, found, installed, and troubleshot Shopify apps, built smart filters, and oversaw all Shopify activity in general. Ensured smooth operations of the Shopify platform, maintained 100% order fulfillment and alignment with existing ERP systems.

Saved the company over $10,000 in lost revenues by correcting a significant oversight in product payment authorization workflow, creating a new SQL tool that facilitated faster order fulfillment.

Communicated with Shopify Merchant Success Manager to solve more complex and esoteric Shopify problems.

Acquired deep understanding of legacy company systems including AMT ERP and HighJump WMS. Monitored every customer order through databases with SQL, Shopify, AMT, and Accellos. Ensured all orders were picked, packed, shipped, fulfilled, and all payments captured. Developed more effective workflows that helped us ship orders over 2 days faster.