Can anyone help me with the product landing challenge in FCC?

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to complete the product landing page challenge in order to pass on to the next one, but unfortunately I can’t work out one point. It’s asking me to move the navbar to the top of the viewport, with a margin of 0, ±15. In my case it’s flagging that I have a margin of 16, but I cannot figure out how to reduce it. I’ve looked online for hours but I can’t find the right solution. Can anyone help?

I know that it’s not the most appealing page out there, but I’m just trying to learn the fundamentals right now.

**nav-bar** { **margin: 0px;** float: center; background-position: top; **position: fixed;** **position: sticky;** }

You forget to properly call the nav-bar in the CSS, and also you are setting the position two times, and use the attribute “top” instead of “margin”.

This is irrelevant to passing the test, but you need to think of ways of improving the layout of your website.

Thank you, I figured it out.
Yes, I know I need to improve my layout skills and just in general, all of my coding skills. I only started recently and I’m taking it slowly for the moment, but I want to improve and will practice loads.

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