Can Anyone help me with Tribute Page

I am struggling of making and understanding of tribute page, Please help me to understand and make tribute page?

What exactly is it that you don’t understand? I am going to assume your not on the beta site.
What you need to do is make a page of one of your heroes, or someone you look up to. The page has to have 3 things:

  • an image
  • some text
  • a link to another website where one can read more about the subject

I hope this helps a bit?

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This is my standard advice:

People often get stumped on this first project. Relax. It’s completely normal. This is my standard advice:

I think one of the great lessons from the movie The Martian is that when you are confronted with a problem to large to comprehend, break it into smaller pieces and work those problems. Don’t think that you need to visualize the entire problem all at once – that’s for the pros. Just take on one little problem at a time. Keep breaking things up into smaller problems until you get down to a problem small enough to handle.

Let’s look through the user stories.

User Story: I can view a tribute page with an image and text.

OK, can you create a web page in codepen? Do you know how to add text? Don’t move on until you can. Can you add an image? Don’t move on until you can. Do you know how to manipulate and format these? Don’t move on until you can. Seriously, don’t move on until you can do any of these steps.

User Story: I can click on a link that will take me to an external website with further information on the topic.

Do you know how to put a link into a web page?

My advice is to break things into small problems and test them. Don’t get too complicated too fast. Don’t make 10 changes at once until you’re a good enough coder to do that. Make one change and test. Make another change and test. Etc. And don’t get too complicated if you don’t need to.

Research those small problems and test them. Read-search-ask - it’s a great motto. If you get to the point where you are stumped, then ask the forum, but be specific. Don’t say “I’m stumped on this build.” Say, “I can’t figure out how to put a link into a page.” Ask for small, specific problems and you’ll get better results. (And you could probably google that first and get 1000 results.)

Just keep it simple. You can go back and spruce it up later. This is what I did. I fully intend to go back and clean it up and improve it later, but its good enough for now.

Relax. Go back to basics. Ask specific questions.

Let us know if you’re still stuck.


I was starting to feel frustrated as well. Mainly because I saw other people’s tribute page and I wanted to make something cool. But they I realized I did not have the knowledge or skills to make it. I decided to just go with what I knew. So basically on your page you want to have an h1 for your heading, an image , an ordered or unordered list

    . nest some information within those list. At the end make link using an anchor tag .
    Keep it simple you. You will feel great once you have made it. Don’t worry about making it fancy… that comes after many hours or research.
    Having said that, once you have finished your website always continue to work on it…adding things to it.
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I need of understanding background which makes more comfortable and reliable! for making better content. I also want to understand the structure of making tribute page? HOW?

Then kevinSmith’s and contjosephs’ answer hits the mark. Start with the basic structure. Start simple. Add an image to your page. Nothing more. Don’t worry about placing it in the right spot. When you got the image working, try adding the text. Don’t worry about the lay out just yet. When that works, add the link. Once you got that working, you can move on to making it pretty, with changing the font, or centering the content, or changing the background.

I have to say that the freeCodeCamp beta site guides you a bit more on how and what to do. You might want to check it.