Can anyone please guide me on which field should I focus on? I'm too confused!!

I’m in my Second Year of Computer Science. The thing is I’m too confused with my life. I like so many things that I can’t choose any one.

Data Science:- I like Maths. Although I wasn’t that much interested in statistics but Linear Algebra and Calculus were one of my favourite subjects.

Software Dev:- Yeah I’ve always wanted to make things myself. I’ve always been interested in how things work and how can I make it better.

Web Dev:- I don’t like Frontend. I just can’t do it. I don’t actually have an eye for design. I never did Backend but it seems like it is interesting.

Cloud Computing:- I’ve no idea what is it all about.

Low-Level:- I’ve always been interested in how compilers work. How do operating systems work? And stuff that happens behind the scenes.

Information Systems:- I love working with Linux and specifically the terminal. It is so damn fast. Most of my day is in the terminal. It just feels amazing. Terminal is super sexy. : )

Cyber Security:- Never explored it that much but it seems kinda fun. Being able to find vulnerabilities and analysing where the issue could be.

I’ll also list down my strengths:-

  1. I can learn things quickly and I love learning new things. If I don’t learn any new thing in a day it seems really awkward.
  2. I like analysing things to find the root cause of something. I like proving ideas, theories and I like facts.
  3. I am a deep thinker. I’ve great thinking abilities.

Guys!!! I do want to find something. Others from my class have chosen particular fields and working towards it. I too want to have a focus in my life and don’t be too distracted. Plz Help

Try them out!
We don’t have the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

we can’t tell you what you want to learn.

all of those can give you rare and valuable skills, if you become really goode at it.

maybe, start somewhere, some articles, even Wikipedia, give yourself a week or two in which you explore what each of those things is about, and then decide which one to focus on.