Can anyone please review my resume?

Looking pretty solid, lots of great stuff there. Are you planning to add your FCC certifications/experience to the education section?

You have a pretty good resume, if you have any metrics on how much your tools improved the usage of formplus tool, it would look even more impressive.

One question, by angular is you do mean the very first generation of angular, not Angular 2 and beyond? That’s a distinction that could be important

Thank you Tobias. I never completed FCC before landing my first job, so I don’t know.

Have you completed them at this point?

Thank you.
yes I meant the very first generation of angular. I think they are referred to as AngularJs

unfortunately, I have not

Yes, you are correct. I only asked because demand for it has gone down, and there are some tendencies that people messes up the nomenclature.

Another thing that might enhance your resume is version control tooling and team context. Did you use Git at Formplus? Do they practice agile methodology? Were you part of a team on any of the project or work implementation you listed.


yes we use git and agile.But I don’t know about the team part. The startup itself is a company of 11 people, founder, product manager, three support, and six developer, of which two are interns. I dont think we ever did anything in teams. Everyone was assigned a ticket individually, never in teams. I’ll add the git and agile part.