Can anyone recommend good blogs on automation testing

Can anyone recommend good blogs on automation testing?

Automation testing is a rather “niche” area, because of that I don’t think there will be a lot of blogs to follow that are active. However, if you broaden your interest scope you’ll probably find a good amount of “similar” topics, such as DevOps or Software Engineering type blogs/topics of which there are many popular ones, along with a lot of people who blog about such topics.

The blogs I follow usually are one of the following:

  1. An official blog from the technology, for example Jest’s official blog

  2. A person who blogs about these topics, such as Artem Sapegin

  • I googled “Jest best practices”, and a blog appeared first. From there you can follow their posts.
  • individuals are usually hit or miss, its easy for a single person to be very active, or not active at all, or the topics you find being outdated.
  1. An “aggregate” of posts, such as freeCodeCamp new’s feed
  • I added the query “testing”, which will filter topics.
  • most sites that provide posts on a number of topics related to technology would be here.

Going back to what I said originally, the topic of “testing” is rather niche, its a specific task using specific technology. Broadening your search scope might give you a wider net of topics to read about, while still finding topics you care about.

Good luck, keep learning, keep reading :+1:

There are numerous blog sites available for references. Medium is one of them.
You may also refer software testing help.

To add further, I have been surfing for informative content as well. Many technologies services providers are offering articles/blogs on automation testing, and related technologies like AI services, scriptless automation testing, & AI-powered smart software testing services. You may refer to their blog pages as well.