Can anyone take a look at my code and help me optimize it?

A search engine website wants implement a new feature that allows their users to sort their search results.

Each search result consists of a URL, a timestamp, and a relevance score. Given an array of results, the name of the column to sort by, and the sort order (ascending or descending), the page number and size of each page, implement a function that returns a list of results.


sortParameter: a number representing the column to sort by: 0 = URL, 1 = timestamp, 2 = relevance

sortOrder: a number representing the sort order: 0 = ascending, 1 = descending

itemsPerPage: the number of results that is required to be displayed on a single page

pageNumber: the page number, starting from 0

items: a map of URLstrings to tuples representing the (relevance, timestamp)


Return a list of URLs to be displayed.



sortParameter = 1

sortOrder = 0

itemsPerPage = 2

pageNumber= 1

items= [[“”, 10, 15], [“”, 3, 4]. [“”, 17, 8]]

Output: [“baz”]

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Got it, will keep this in mind next time. Thank you!