Can FCC projects lend me a job?

Lets say i did all the front end projects and backend. Can those projects (only the ones in front end and back end sections) help me get a job?
I already did front end except studio portfolio because i hate designing and twitch tv cause i had some issues.
I still dont know should i do backend using node js and php since in my country php is in like top 3 used programming languages and i rarely see nodejs jobs. Would it be fine to do back end sections using php and will all those projects be enough to lend me a junior dev job? I’m also still a CS student so that will also help me in finding a job…

Every project that you do well will help you with your job hunt at least a little.

You are welcome to use whatever technology you like on the backend. All that is required is that there is a live version of your project and the code is publicly viewable.

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As a former CS student I would say the two most important things to get from FCC projects is the experience and being able to slap your name on your code on github.

Employers just want to know if you will get the job done. If you walk into an interview prepared, ready, and have actual code and projects to your name it give credit to what ever certificates, diplomas you have.

Go ahead and do the nodejs, or do it with PHP, golang, python, or Java. As long as you do it and gain experience with something you wouldn’t mind using in the future good.

remember, its not the certificate or the courses your complete, its the knowledge you gain that matters the most from FCC.