Can Flask be used in conjunction with the pyttsx3 and speech_recognition modules?

I want to use the pyttsx3 module and speech_recognition modules available in Python for web development in conjunction with Flask. Will it be possible to do this? If so, are there any HTML elements for taking in audio? Or anything similar perhaps?

  1. yes you can add whatever you want, you take the input from the browser and pass it to the backend or take the output from the backend and pass it to the browser.
  2. it’s a JS API, MediaDevices.getUserMedia() - Web APIs | MDN
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Could you elaborate on how to possibly do that?

You have Flask, which is a web framework. It is going to give you the tools to define URL endpoints (routes). And when a user hits a URL in a browser, it does something in your Python app. So if the user POSTs something to that URL, you can send the data into the Python app.

So to get mike input, you would use the browser API I linked. You have some JS that controls that on an HTML page, then you take the input data, and you send it to the Python app. The Python app processes it, then updates something so that the user can get at it (ie by hitting another URL).

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