Can free code camp completion and certification count towards a high school credit?

Im doing a sort of hybrid homeschool - private school program for this year. i was just wondering if a freecodecamp certification counts towards a high school credit for computer science?

also sorry for putting this in support if that dosent make any sense, i just thought it was the most related thing to my question.

Preston Hamilton

I don’t think freeCodeCamp can answer this question. freeCodeCamp is not an accredited institution, so in general no, but the best place to ask is your school.

hi there,

You should be able to talk to your guidance counselor about this question. As Ilenia said, it is unlikely that the answer will be yes.
(there are high school courses on computer science that you can take if that is your interest, please discuss with your guidance counselor)

Hey Prestonh.

Usually high schools don’t credit courses done outside the curriculum. Instead you may find that it’s in universities where they could require you to take extra courses outside what is offered in order to add to your module participation.

You can still take the courses just to upskill yourself and not necessarily to be credited.

I hope this response was helpful.

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