Can front-end and software developer interview prep. be done together?


I am interested in both front-end and mobile development, however, most jobs within my company, which I am trying to remain with if possible, are a mix of Python, Java, C++ software developer jobs.

I am currently concerned and lost on what to focus on as I prepare for interviews. I am applying to both types of jobs, to increase my job prospects. Should I mainly focus on typical software developer interviews and expect algorithms, OOP, testing, etc. or should I prepare for web development concepts, UI design, etc. since that is my field of preference?

Is there a way I can consolidate these paths? Right now it seems impossible to prepare for both simultaneously and I continue having a lot of trouble on where to place my effort. However, I am afraid that by solely applying for front-end development I am limiting my job prospects too much especially with the current situation going on around the world.

Thank you!

Sure, you can work on practicing algorithms at the same time that you’re learning UI development. Just plan a schedule for yourself that makes sense. If you’re spending half as much time/attention on each, you’ll probably learn each about half as quickly as you would if you were giving them your full focus. Do what makes the most sense for yourself.

My advice would be against trying to learn multiple languages at once, especially if you’re pretty new to programming. When it comes to your first language, I think you’re better off learning how to program well in that language. Then later learn new languages as needed.

Thank you for the advice @ArielLeslie! As simple as it sounds I never thought about implementing a schedule for learning. I recently graduated with a B.S. in CS and have programmed over multiple years in personal projects outside of school, however, I am still weak on algorithms and do not know the deeper ins and outs of JavaScript (promises, callbacks, lambda functions, etc.)