Can I ask for feedback on an external JS tool (not made by me)?

Hi there everyone. I am really very happy and impressed to see FCC today. I first saw it when it was only available on Medium and a few social media sites (early 2017) and I started following it. I was working in the VPN industry at that time and the broadband privacy issue was on fire.

Quincy Larson wrote a detailed VPNs guide at that time which hooked me to Free Code Camp. Then I followed it and watched it grow till early 2018.

I lost touch cause I switched my job and industry. But today while looking to get in touch with developers, I came across Free Code Camp, and my oh my I am super impressed with its growth.
Very happy to be a part of this community and I have even signed up for the coding lessons haha, let’s see how far do I go in how many weeks.

That was my enthusiastic intro/description which I could not resist but express. I will try my best be as active as I can here because I love tech and dev.

So, I just wanted to confirm that can I get some feedback on a JavaScript API which is not made by me?

I will post a different thread for it in the feedback section, but I just wanted to confirm if it is allowed for me? Thanks!

BTW, that JS API is martech/analytics related.

If you would like to share your input and/or ask for input on an external tool or service, the Reviews section may be a good place for it.

Oh that’s great. I am going to post a new thread about it in the reviews section. Thanks a ton Ariel. Cheers!