Can I Become an All-in-One Programmer?

Hello, campers!
I have the ambition to become an “All-in-One” Programmer. I mean, I am now learning web dev, and then I wanna go to mobile dev and then software dev and learn almost every common coding languages. Is this possible? I also want to be a UI/UX designer, and want to learn 3D Modelling, Animation, and VFX. I am ready to spend as much as time I want. I don’t want to work for a company. Instead, I prefer to create my own company and provide some really useful services.
Please guide me on whether I can do this or not. Thanks.


Hello there @paulsonstech,

To answer your question, it’s all up to you. Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Just remember that kind of goal takes a lot of work and there will be hardships along the ways, and you don’t want to give up easily. Also remember the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”. It might be cool to know other languages, but knowing everyside of coding can take a big toll to you. You might know a little about everything but you probably won’t master every single one of them. Trust me


You can be productive in all those things but it will take you years to get to that point. To become productive to the point where you have the ability to offer paid services in all of the drastically different domains you’ve specified, across the board, that’s unlikely to be feasible. You can be decent, but if you’re doing it all yourself, regardless of how much you know you’ll either have a very slow process or a low quality end product (it is guaranteed that you will be worse than someone who specialises in a single domain).

Indie game development is the closest thing to covering everything you’ve said you want to learn, but that’s not really a thing that pays. There’s a reason people specialise, it’s very difficult to be very good across multiple domains, actual highly skilled polymaths are not that common.

This. Keep your main focus on one thing at a time. Definitely strive to understand everything you want to do, but temper your expectations a bit.


My two cents: Do not try this. You may have all the time in the world but spreading your interest like this would be bad result in the end.Why? Simple, i work as an system/network admin for a small company. It is “normal” and expected for me to know everything:from OS variations and all vendors, older and brand new technologies, On prem and cloud operations…ALL that.
Now, i can manage everything to work, but i woudnt call myself an expert. If i chose to specialize in one or couple of fields, it would be much better, but i know this is a small anv and jack of all trades is necessary to get a job. Thats why i am learning web dev and will stick to front end only.


I can certainly understand the motivation–I too, enjoy a bit of everything and perhaps like the learning of more than the doing of. One thing I will note is that many job listings I see ask for a “Full Stack Developer,” which means you can do both front and back end stuff, so you may not be that far off.

On the other hand, when I expressed my desire to do this, a veteran friend of mine said, “Yeah, but that will take thousands of hours, and it’d be nice to get paid for at least some of that.”

Implying that first you specialize, then you learn a new part of the field…


Thank you for all your replies @DanCouper, @CactusWren2020, @Catalactics & @Gavrilow84. I think what I asked is foolish. Well, then, what about me focusing mainly on web dev and UI/UX design, and then learn others’ basics just for enjoyment or just as additional knowledge?


That sounds much, much more reasonable and will actually give you an edge as a web developer, or vice versa - knowing web dev will give you an edge as a UX consultant.


Thanks everyone for your replies and helping me decide which area I should focus! Cheers!