Can I change my forum username?

Is there anyway for me to change my forum username or to submit a request for change?

Preferences :point_up:

If this doesn’t let you change your username, a mod can change it.

I think it’s ideal to have your forum username be the same as your FCC username because it allows fellow campers to find your profile, but it’s your call.

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Thanks, @ArielLeslie.

I’m unable to change my name using the profile preferences.

I’d like to change my name on the forum because I’m doing so across the board. (It’s already changed on LinkedIn, GitHub, FCC, etc.)

Do you know how I can contact one of the moderators?

Anyone with a next to their username is a mod. You can message us by clicking on our avatars.

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Thanks, @ArielLeslie!

For anyone who may stumble upon this later:

  • It is possible to change your username by contacting a forum moderator directly.
  • Keep in mind, prior quotes of your posts and @name mentions will be broken.

And, if your wondering, I did change my username. :wink: