Can I claim for Responsive Web Design Certificate? Also please give me a feed back on my projects

1.It is a Tribute Page Link

2.It is a Survey Form Link

3.It is a Product Landing Page Link and i have build this page by forking it fro FCC page and is it ok to claim certificate?

4 It is a Technical Documentation Page Link

  1. It is a My Portfolio Link and i am unable to add images to codepen editor so can I do it?

Your projects’ code looks like all you did was fork the example projects and make some text/image changes and maybe a couple of color changes. You need to build your projects from scratch. It is one think to get inspiration from someone else’s design, but to just copy and make small adjustments is not acceptable camper behavior and violates the Academic Honesty policy of Free Code Camp.

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This is tribute page ,pease can you check it once and want some suggestion from you.