Can I complete an e-learning system in 2 months?

Hi everyone

I want to ask a few questions, I am not an information technology student, I learn about technology. I have a project to complete in order to graduate by completing a website, it is almost like an e learning system. I am very worried about the ability to complete this graduation project in two months, while I know a bit about html, css, javascript. Anyone let me advice on this. I look forward to your advice for me as soon as possible. Apologies to me for my english grammar.

I think you’re asking yourself the wrong question. It shouldn’t be “can I do this?” it should be “how best can I accomplish this?”

I think you should make a plan for yourself:
-What are the project’s requirements?
-How can you split the project into smaller manageable sections?
-How much time will you require to complete each section?
-How can you organize your daily schedule so you have enough time to dedicate to each section?

The more specific you make your goals the easier it is to accomplish them!


thanks for your answer.

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