Can I complete the projects?


Hello everyone. Its great to be here. I joined this platform of late, learning to code with it. One moth into my learning, my laptop got stolen. Before this theft took place, I had completed the responsive web design challenges, and submitted my tribute page. My form project was complete but I didnt submit it to freecodecamp and I was working on a landing page.

Now its like I have to start everything afresh? Cant I skip those lessons and just complete those responsive web design projects so I can move to JS? I really need advice here.

Welcome, Coded_Prof.

The only requirement to claim any section’s certificate is to complete the 5 related projects. The lessons are completely optional.

I am a bit confused as to why you have lost progress. Where you not logged in, on your other laptop? Your account it associated with your email address. So, provided you log in with the same email address, your progress should stay.

Hope this clarifies.

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Thanks so much Sky. Now I can go ahead with the projects. Your response was helpful