Can I contribute to freeCodeCamp Design Style Guide Website? (Accessibility issues)

Hello freeCodeCampers!
I’m new here :wave:

I’d love to contribute to freeCodeCamp. Since I’m passionate about accessibility, I was looking for issues related to that, which is how I found this issue and was impressed to read that the freeCodeCamp homepage is already performing really well when it comes to accessibility compared to other charities (4th place out of the websites reviewed by Jonathan Robert Pool).

As I was reading through the contribution guides, I found the freeCodeCamp Design Style Guide, which unfortunately is much less accessible than the homepage. I looked at the repo and saw that no one has contributed in a couple of years and there’s no open issues.

So here’s my question:

  • Is the freeCodeCamp Design Style Guide open for new issues and contributions?
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I’d definitely make an issue first before trying to make a PR, but yeah, I think improvements to the style guide and contributing docs are something freeCodeCamp is interested in but hasn’t had enough time to prioritize.

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That makes sense! Wanted to check first just in case the site is in the process of being moved or something like that.
I’ll make sure to write issues first of course. This is a really nice bit of code to work on!

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