Can I earn money with coding?

Hello,I want to earn money by coding,what programming language to learn and which one is easiest to learn and I need to earn like 100$ a week programming with it.Some good recommendations?

Well it’s like with any job it depends onto your skill level.
And what path you want to take. Making sites could be a good gig but, also making apps. our hacking/programmings programs.

Most people start with html/css cause it easy to understand and helps you learn to think like a programmer. Then most add JS cause it corrospond with them very easely.
A good start would also be considered with Python since it one of the most easier and vertile/most used langause there is.

Ok,thanks,I will try to start with Python

I am also a teen who can’t get a job yet, but I found ways of earning online. All I do is 2 jobs that are very easy. I am working on selling receipts.