Can I freelance as a web developer if I am under 18?

Hello guys.I started programming one year and a half ago and I can build websites with django using html,css,js for frontend and python for backend.In the last 6 months I did some projects (weather web-apps, personal finance apps and other projects like that).Right now I am working on a website to put all my projects in it because I want to start freelancing.

The only problem is that I am under 18.I know how to build nice websites but I don t know if I can get clients if I am 16.

What do you guys think?Can i freelance part-time and make some money from my passion?

It would depend on the client and where you work… but there are a lot of developers joining communities and organizations at a young age while also doing side-line work. Give it a try, if your skills match what the company / client is looking for you have a good chance of getting the job. If it doesn’t happen, try somewhere else. You’ll find something in time… Good luck!

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I am 16 and I am searching ways to make some extra cash.Is it worth selling my plugins?Or I should try other ways to make some cash like freelancing?

Hello, vlad.

I welcome you to alter your title, if needed, but I am merging this topic with the one you recently created, because they are so similar.

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Assuming you’re in the USA, but most countries are similar in this regard, the biggest problem you’ll run into is that as a minor, you can’t enter into contracts. I suggest using personal connections to do your projects informally “under the table” for friends, family, word-of-mouth referrals until you’re of age that you can do it as a proper business. It’s probably a better way to start anyway if you’re not already familiar with the business side of freelancing.