Can I get a Front End Web Developer job at 13?

Can I get a Front End Web Developer job at 13?
I know Web Development for over a year.

Projects I made:

Also, I am working on a portfolio.
Do you think that I can get a job?



oh… ok
I didn’t know. :frowning_face:

Employment laws for minors are complicated and messy. Employers generally just avoid the issue. Wait a few years and get some more life experience and you’ll be much more hire-able.


If you’re in the US: Age Requirements | U.S. Department of Labor

You have to be at least 14 for any type of job. But in the vast majority of cases, an actual company will not hire anyone under 18 for legal reasons. Even when you’re 18, your odds won’t be good for a full-time job, and most companies will have you start as an intern or co-op, assuming you’re in school.

If you want to be coding right now, I’d recommend getting together with friends (or others through the Internet) and coming up with your own apps.


Hi @cristoferkohaniuk !

Welcome to the forum!

I agree with the other posters.
I would just continue to learn and build projects and when you become an adult then you can worry about getting a job.

You might not realize this now, but you only have a short window to be a kid.
You have plenty of time to be an adult later.

This is a golden window where you can just learn and have fun with programming. :grinning:

i admire your motivation at such a young age


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