Can I get a job with these skills?

I’ve been learning front end development for quite a long time, I learned a lot from freecodecamp courses, and also made some simple projects, I think I’m, comfortable with html and css to make easy to medium responsive static sites.

Then I started learning JavaScript and picked up React, again made some simple stuffs like todo app, weather app etc… I just started on redux, it seems complex, but I’m sure I could learn it.

Check my projects here :

So my question is…
I don’t have a degree and Is these skills enough for me to land on a job? To get started as a front end developer?
thanks : )

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Apply to some jobs and find out! Improving your portfolio will always help you but a lot of getting a job isn’t directly tied to your technical ability.


I would also check what the companies are asking.
What industry?

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Hello Mushsin7majeed,

My name is Marcia,
I checked out your portfolio and all I can say is well done. I think you did a very good job there. I also went to see your GitHub which as very good too.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 44 years old, marriage, a mother of two youngsters who somewhat still needs me around.

I have an associate degree in graphic design. However, I am not working anywhere near to what I graduated on.
I believe what I need is a portfolio and some work to show what I can do. Do you have some tips to give me?

Thanks for your time.


Simple answer as others mentioned: apply for jobs and see where you are at this point. There are other important topics that employers seek in candidates, as verbal skills, appeareance and mindset. Where else you can check your abilities other than some of the interviews? Go for it!