Can I get some feedback on my random quote generator?

Hi there! I just finished my random quote generator and I would like to hear what sucks about it. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t look that great on mobile, but I’ll fix that, as I’m already learning more about responsive design.
Thank you!


  • tweet does not work
  • author should be separated a bit more from the quote
  • Buttons need a margin to the bottom
  • code is not clean, i.e. html closing tag, but no start tag
  • code is not clean, i.e. distances sometimes are two, sometimes 4 blanks
  • content is not responsive

It not looks finished for my eyes. But i am not a professional in frontend design.

Kind regards

That’s some constructive feedback. Thanks, I’ll work more on it, and thanks for your time.

Remember to add target="_blank" on your anchor tag if you want your CodePen anchor links to work outside of debug mode.

You also need to catch single quotes and double quotes because they’re causing messages to cut short. Also, remember that Twitter has a character limit of 140.

On the bright side, you’ve got getJSON call figured out which should help a lot in the upcoming projects.

Just my two cents I wouldn’t worry about design just yet. You can always go back after you’ve been properly inspired.

Hi bro,
I think you should insert link to you project using “Hyperlink” function , don’t directly copy paste link in the forum post, it looks all fucked up.
Even I finished up on this project recently. It will be nice to look at your project.