Can I get some feedbacks on my new potfolio?

I just completed my front-end libarary cert few day ago and Now I have created a brand new portfolio for myself which looks so much better than previous one

Github Repo:

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Hello @siddharthroy36912. Your portfolio looks very good and I like the dark theme. But, can you take these suggestions into account?:

  • I expected something more than just a paragraph on the home page. So, can’t you add some more content to the home page so that the home page is scrollable?
  • I like the way you arranged your projects. But, why are there some buttons on that page? I thought it was to filter out the projects, but it does nothing! So, I think that is unnecessary.

  • I like your contact page also, but there are some problems there too:

    • The social buttons are very good and it has a neumorphic effect. But, when I hover over it, I can’t see the text and icon!

  • The contact form looks very good, but I don’t like the red border and color that appears when focusing on the input. The red color is commonly used for errors and this will make the user feel that he entered something wrong.

Anyway, great work and I like the UI. I think it’s very much better than your previous portfolio. Wonderful!

Thanks For feedback!!

  1. I know Front page looks empty I will fix that later.
  2. Those buttons are to show what libraries I have used on my projects. And I will add filter functionality later.
  3. I just had fixed the button issue.
  4. I will fix that now.
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