Can i get some help please thanks

im confused

// Variable declarations
var StUdLyCapVaR;
var properCamelCase;
var TitleCaseOver;

// Variable assignments
StUdLyCapVaR = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
TitleCaseOver = 9000;

Challenge: Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

Link to the challenge:

HI @marcusn !

Your task is to take each of the variable names and rewrite them using camel case.

This is camel case

var someVariable;
var anotherVariableName;
var thisVariableNameIsSoLong;

The first letter of the first word is lowercase and the rest of the words start with an uppercase.

make sense?

sort of i will try it

For this first one

studly will be lowercase
C will be capitalized
ap will be lowercase
V will be capitalized
ar will be lowercase.

Just replicate that process for other words.

hello @jwilkins.oboe

excuse me if I am wrong but I think

the whole studly will be in lowercase

ahh yes. You are correct :grinning:

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