Can I get your advice

Hello people.
My name is Arda. I am from Turkey. I was born on 1991.
I have 2 years of experience in software industry in same company.
The company’s work is on Linux system administrations and integrated web applications which are developed using PHP5, JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and MySQL.
My job title is System Administrator and Software Developer. I used also React a little bit for a tiny project in work.

I want to improve my self at JS world, in both back-end and front-end. I am taking courses from lovely freeCodeCamp and other resources. Currently I am taking MongoDB course. I am targeting mobile development with React Native also. And my dream and another target is to work as a web or JS or fronted developer in Ireland or England in the future. So what should I do to make my dreams come true? What should I do to become a powerful JS developer and what should I do to work in England or Ireland whether junior or senior developer?


Hello @ardaorkin. Welcome to FCC.

I don’t know anything about working in England or Ireland. What I do know is you are on the right track if your goal is to become a “powerful” JS developer. FCC has done a good job of covering JS extensively from front-end to back-end with Express, Mongoose and MongoDB. Since you are not a beginner, I believe FCC curriculum and the JS documentation at MDN are sufficient to help you learn JS.

Learning the materials here and completing the projects will lay a firm foundation for you to tackle more complex projects.

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Thank you very much for your reply @nibble . FCC and the community really change my life and they are still making my life more beautiful. So I agree with you about FCC is the right place to become a good JS developer.
Thank you again :slight_smile:

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