Can I learn data science and ML without much programming knowledge and experience?

Throughout my career I have been always working with business roles, even tho initially I had a computer science diploma to start with. At this point of my life, I really want to make a sharp turn to a new road. My most interested areas are data science and ML. I learned some basic programming like python. Then I started to wonder if I can find job in data science/analytics and ML without a full bag of programming knowledge and experience? Is it a must to start to be developer then move on to those areas?

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ML and data science involves heavy programming. Does it make good business sense to you to hire someone with no experience in the fundamental skills for a job?

If you want to pivot to ML and data science, you’ll need experience with it’s core skills, statistics and programming.

Thanks for the reply. I almost 100% sure that is the case. But since I’m newbie as you can tell, so i thought to ask it aways anyways :blush: So I can estimate time and effort needs for me to get there.

You will also need a good working knowledge of Statistics.

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That is very difficult to estimate. I’d start by trying out the free Code Camp data science certificate.


Yes that part I will look into as well. I had pretty good records in statistics and maths in the university, so hope that will help me to catch up :slight_smile: :blush:

I will definitely do so. I am the neural networks part now just to have some basic insight to ML :smile:

Since “data science” and “ML” are buzzwords, do yourself a huge favor and learn more about the day to day job of the people who are “data scientists”. Find some on linkedin and send messages to them, ask if you can steal 10 minutes of their time to learn what they do.

If you like more business-y stuff consider learning more about what a product manager for a tech company. You’ll end up having to do a lot of customer data analysis and interviews (depending on the size of the company) in order to decide what the best thing to build is. Might be right up your alley.

This book is also awesome for learning the tools a “real” data scientist would use day to day, to build proper professional models, etc:

Take a look, maybe read a couple chapters in that book to see if that stuff truly interests you :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the detail tips! I will dig into it for sure. Actually my current business role is gathering business requirements for building system just as you said kind of product manager. But I would like to work with AI and ML more therefore I am trying to find an efficient way for my transition so to say :nerd_face:

Hello, many people want to become web developper or data analyst. There is a lot of competition, and I think after a master degree it takes 6 months to 18 months to be operatinnal and be able to find a job. I try to do that too: First of all I learn on many MOOC platforms, I thinks diverfsity is important, and I learn notion one by one. The most important is to have a practical approach: extraction, exploration, analysis, validation deployment. Predictive contains regression, logistic regression, tree regressor, random forest, k-means, hierachical clustering … It needs a lot of time to master the concepts and practice is primordial.