Can I please have feedback on my first project

Hey guys,

This is my first project. Since I am a little bit inexperienced I was hoping for people to give me feedback, Can you please check my site and my code. And please don’t be scared to critique me as hard as possible. I will take it in a positive manner.

So please give me tips on how to improve

Many thanks and stay safe!!

The project is:

My code is:

(in full page view)

And again thank you!!

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Keep up the good work!
The work looks neat and tidy, a little note; you can add some padding to the quotes, so when the screen becomes smaller they don’t appear sticking on the side

Hey @CodeMonkey008. Your project seems very good and I like it. But there are a few things to be improved:

  • The link at the bottom of the page is not readable because the color of the link is the same as the background. Consider changing the color of the link.
  • The link at the bottom is not accessibility friendly. It is because the text “here” doesn’t make any sense for users using screen readers. Try changing the text to “Read more about Elon Musk”
  • Always validate your HTML and CSS code. There are many errors in your code. To analyze CSS, do the following
    • Click on the settings icon at the top of the CSS code box and click on “Analyze CSS”. This will show you the errors in your CSS code.
  • To analyze HTML, you can do the same, but I suggest using W3C validator.
  • When writing code in CodePen, you don’t need to add a title tag.

Anyway, your first project looks impressive. May you have a good journey ahead!

Welcome to the forums @CodeMonkey008. Your page looks good. Some things to revisit;

  • In your timeline you have a list item that’s not properly closed and there’s an extra list item that is blank because of it.
  • A blue link on a blue background doesn’t offer enough contrast to be seen.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.


Thanks or your feedback.
I tried to analyse my CSS code using the debugger but it does not highlight the parts that have the error.

Many thanks!

Sorry I found them. Thanks for your feedback.