Can I post a job ad here?

Hello campers,

I looked around but I can’t find it anywhere… can I post a UI/UX designer job ad here on this forum? Or is this against the rules?


Thank you for asking. We don’t permit posting job ads on our forum. If you look at our “Project Feedback” section you may see some well designed projects that inspire you to reach out to a community member directly. Additionally, many FCC students and community members include FreeCodeCamp on their LinkedIn profiles and that may be a better way to reach out to people who are looking for new opportunities.

Oh it’s not me, offering the job. I’m a camper myself :slight_smile: I was just wondering in general, if I see an ad, if I can post it here for other campers.

Thank you for your reply.

I’d say if you see a posting that makes you think of a particular camper(s), share it with them directly but if you just create a general post, you’ll probably get flagged for spam. :smiley:

Happy coding.