Can I Practice again and again On the module?

Last 10 days I completed Learn, HTML by building CatPhoto App, 2 more, and Learn HTML forms by making a Registration Form, in Responsive Web Design.
Now I want to practice again like, I complete the challenges of Module-1(HTML by building the CatPhoto App). I want to do it again and again for my practice.
Can I do it? If I do it, is any problem with my FreeCodeCam account, like account suspension or account deletion?

You can redo anything in freeCodeCamp as many times as you like. Doing the lessons over and over again for practice is a great way of making sure you learn the content.

Happy coding!



Like you, this is how I have been learning and gaining more confidence in my coding abilities. I repeat the steps and certification projects, and learn more each time.

Happy coding!

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