Can I recover an account that i pressed the delete button on?

So your login seems to be janked up today. I tried to log in and got the loop of it showing me the support page then click the button to get to the curriculum which then sent me to a page with no progress and a login button.

So - i figured I used the wrong email address and tried with other email addresses. Ya i didn’t write anything down. After a couple of email addresses i started clicking the settings and then the deleted the account button - i didn’t want any extra accounts floating around.

After SEVERAL attempts I got looking and it seems you have some sort of thing wrong with your site and now I have successfully deleted everything - thinking it was on my end - but it’s not.

It’s kind of a problem when you enter your email to get logged in - and your system automatically sets you up an account - it seems prime for leading to this sort of situation. Perhaps it would be better to prompt that no account by that email exists, would you like to set one up.

Anyways if you can get my progress back I’d appreciate it - i was most of the way through the javascript stuff.

I promise I will write things down this time.


As the “Delete My Account” warning states, they cannot recover an account after you click “I am 100% certain. Delete everything related to this account.”

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Yep - i figured as much. Self inflicted…

Hopefully you won’t get too much of a headache from this. Remember that only the projects are required for certificates. If you already have done those, you can submit the same links that you used before.

Thanks - I had not gotten to those yet - in the “Intermediate Algorithm Scripting” section now. It’s more of the OCD - i had these all done sort of remorse, and also a bit of something i could point to my employer and say I’m continuing to learn this stuff. :slight_smile: