Can I remove freeCodeCamp 'API and Microservices' certification project code from GitHub?

I completed the freeCodeCamp ‘API and microservices’ certification.
While I pursuing the certification I practiced in the glitch.
After completion of the project, I put the project in GitHub.
Then I submitted both GitHub and glitch link.

Now can I remove my GitHub repository?
Will there be any hamper in my certification if I remove only GitHub repo, not the glitch project?

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I think the ultimate decision is yours.
I can’t think of a reason why you would do this but it is your decision.
The certificate proves you have completed the challenge.
Do you wish to host your code on another service?

I can’t think of a reason why you would do this

Honestly that was a doubt i had too ^^
I hosted my projects on heroku and the max number is 5^^ ( i opened another account to host other stuff and that’s full too :confused: )

And about github well, my first react / redux project if i am not mistaken was built completely into a single huge file xD
Even if you could do a refactor sometimes a clean up simply fit better :smile:

I hosted my code in the Glitch and it might not be a problem, if I remove my GitHub repositories.

I am interested, why don’t you use Github? It’s useful to learn how to use version control software systems.

It’s not about learning version control, I just want to remove freeCodeCamp project from my GitHub repository.

I wonder if I remove my project from GitHub repository, will there be any violation of my certification?

From an academic point of view I would want to see evidence of work.

These projects are already stored and live in the Glitch.
This is my setting page,

That shows the project running but not the code you wrote.
However, if you are confident enough to explain your code you should have no problem in an interview.