Can I remove my app after challenge is completed?

I completed Timestamp Microservice, are the app & git verified when I submit?

I’d like to delete my cloud9 app for the next challenge

Nothing gets verified until you proceed to the non-profit work. You can take your project down if you want, but you should have it hosted somewhere if you decide to do the non-profits after your certificates.

ah, not sure how many cloud9 instances I can run on the free trier as this is the platform mentioned in the first chapters of the back end development,
but these challenges refer to deploying to Heroku

one solution is to push that to
-deploy to heroku so you have a working instance
-push the repo to git so you have it stored in a public space

then you can delete the cloud nine repo and start a new one. you can always clone from git to cloud 9 if you want to work on it again

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Glitch is another, newer, and also free option.

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thanks, I have it in Git and created a Heroku app with the Git repo as source,
works fine after changing the port to use the process.env.PORT


and also saved the new url to the app in the challenge :grin:

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