Can I skip to FreeCodeCamp Backend Development & APIs course?


Are there any prerequisites to FreeCodeCamp’s Backend Development & APIs module?

I haven’t done the other prior modules, however I basically know how html and css work, and I know a lot of javascript (both for web and game development). For HTML, CSS, and JS, I’ve used Visual Studio Code. Also, I know some Python, where I can do things to the extent of graphing, and data visualization, etc. For Python, I’ve used Google Colab.

Would this much experience be prerequisite enough to jump straight to learning the Backend development & APIs with JavaScript module?

Welcome there,

There is an expectation Campers will have gone through the curriculum in the order presented.

That said, provided you are willing to do research yourself for anything mentioned (and not taught), then feel free to jump ahead.

The current Back End Development and APIs curriculum expects intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, and basic knowledge of HTML. So, it sounds like you are set to go.