Can I start contributing if I finish all requirements in Beta before it goes to production?

Three data viz projects and infosec/QA projects to go. If these were completed would I have that access? or is that just sort of a ‘placeholder’ on the map for now?

Looks the same as the current full stack cert. FCC contacts you by then, but no idea if the process has been implemented/expanded in beta too.

Thx @lynxlynxlynx. Although I’d love to do all the projects in regular FCC (some 15 or so I haven’t) esp. Game of life which I find disturbingly interesting with my depth of knowledge in chaos theory/fractals etc., they would only add a small percentage relative to my current knowledge.

If not id still “do the do” but also look to others to recommend projects to contribute to. I know there are a few places to contribute in small ways at first so I’m looking there as well.

If all your tests pass you can contribute to nonprofits through FCC. No beta certificates for now though.

Definitely don’t let FCC stop you from contributing to FLOSS or non-profits. The hurdles they put in place are there mostly to lessen the chances all the parties involved get disappointed.

For FLOSS ideas, one is obvious — help getting FCC beta polished up. The tracker is full of options.

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