Can I succeed without front end?

I know a lot of courses, and a lot of influencers/big names in tech suggest that front end or full stack web development is the best path to a career. I’ve run through a bootcamp, some online courses, some college courses, and now I’m here. Throughout it all, I’ve not been the biggest fan of the front end.

Can I find a career path in just back end these days in a world that seems to crave full stack developers? Is that reasonable, or should I make that exception for the sake of more opportunity?

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Sure. There are a lot of programmers that never touch a web front end or build a GUI of any kind. I work with a bunch of people who won’t touch JavaScript with a ten foot pole. That type of work can just be harder to get into (especially for someone who is self-taught) and is usually based on languages that are harder to find free resources for.


Yes, you can find an excellent job in a back end developer. The job places are excellent in terms of quantity and have a brilliant future.